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I was challenged to demonstrate the entire manufacturing process for a part, from initial project creation all the way through final documentation using the TopSolid 7 platform. So, this series of videos walks you through the completion of that challenge and demonstrates how TopSolid 7, a very robust design and machining platform, allows users to operate at a much higher plane.


After completing this challenge and making the resulting series of videos available to you, I decided to extend the challenge. To that end, we created the Program Your Part Challenge in which I invite you to challenge me with your problem part and/or manufacturing challenges.

In this video, we post-process our job. There are many post-processors included with TopSolid 7 out-of-the-box. By selecting one of the pre-loaded selections, with a couple of clicks we generate our G-code.

After we post the job, we also need to document it so that the machine operator knows what he is doing. TopSolid ships with numerous sample set up sheets. Using these pre-established templates, we can quickly create multi-page setup sheets for every operation. All the information the operator will need is included within these documents including: toolpaths, stock model, how many operations, tools, how many tools, tool setup, and much more.

TopSolid also has a representation function that allows you to easily create a representation of the fixture (or whatever you would like) and add the representation to your documentation. You can also add any custom notes that you feel will help your operators perform their jobs more effectively.

We are now ready to hit print and send our job out to the floor for manufacturing.

Want to challenge me with a part or manufacturing process problems? Check out the Program Your Part Challenge.