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management of link movementsIn this video, you will be introduced to link movement editing. A link movement is the motion either from tool change into the cut, from one operation to the next with the same tool, or from the cut back to tool change. Most CAM software try to solve this type of motion within the post processor. However, this solution is not good. When you hard code strategy into a post, you remove the ability for the programmer to actually control the machine. In TopSolid, we believe this it is important for the programmer to be in full control of the machine.

In this sample, I walk you through a basic modification to a link movement. In this scenario, I will be modifying the inter-operation movement (movement between two operations with the same tool) so that the spindle retracts to the tool change position for Z and Y. I will also add an option stop in that allows the operator to remove chips. Finally, I will show you how to save and reuse this new link movement for other operations.