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Intersection and Silhouette Improvements Strengthen Sketcher

TopSolid 7’s sketcher has been improved and now provides the ability to create a silhouette profile at the solving level of the TopSolid sketcher.

Within this demonstration video, you will see dynamically the silhouette of the part we are working on based on the plane we’re in. For instance, I will demonstrate how to use our trimming plane option that allows you to choose the specific trimming point to calculate the silhouette profile from.

Intersection and Silhouette Function Sketcher Improvements
Intersection and Silhouette Function Sketcher Improvements

New geometries created by our adjustments can be trimmed away or modified, or of course, I can use the offset mode and set the offset dynamically.

Additionally, you will learn how we updated the intersect command to allow you to create an intersection based on the entire shape of the part versus having to specifically tell the system which face you wanted to intersect with as you had to do in the past.

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Advanced Sheet Metal made easy with TopSolid 7

When talking about TopSolid 7 and the upcoming release of version 7.5 there´s alot of hype around TopSolid’CAM and what it can do. And sure it looks pretty amazing.
But one must not forget that TopSolid is so much more than just CAM and the fact is that TopSolid packs a sheet metal module that´s is right up there with the best and in some parts maybe even the best.

In TopSolid 7.5 Missler Software presents a new function which is kinda cool, it allows you to create and unfold a  “trunk corner” with only a few mouseclicks.