You have noticed that some of your competitors are saving money by using TopSolid, and you may be wondering why you should change software.

Here are seven important reasons to switch to TopSolid that will guide you in your decision.

1. Integrated Product Data Management (PDM)

The integrated PDM makes TopSolid unique in its market.

PDM does much more than simply store and organize files:

– It helps designers find existing parts to reuse instead of recreating them, saving many hours of work.

– It generates bill of materials for cost estimation and data input for ERP systems.

– Finally, it automates change control processes to ensure that outdated or unpublished information is not passed on to factories or suppliers.

  • The PDM is not an additional product: it is directly integrated into the software interface;
  • It allows you to quickly search for product data managed by TopSolid;
  • It allows you to manage versions easily;
  • It allows you to perform all data management activities directly in TopSolid (renaming, etc.);
  • It allows you to put files in the vault and also manages non-TopSolid files;
  • It manages the multi-site (for companies with several production sites around the world).

2. Intuitive user interface

Time is money and TopSolid’s intuitive user interface easily makes the difference!

Design the way you want and not according to the logic of the software, thanks to TopSolid’s unique in-place design method.

In addition, we offer advanced training sessions to enable you to make the most of TopSolid according to your specific needs.

  • Easy to learn and use (learning phase reduced by 50 %);
  • Drag and drop, copy and paste, undo/redo history features are supported;
  • Creating construction entities on the fly;
  • Sorting entities (classification by type) and operations (chronological classification).

In addition, the user interface is fully customizable interactively by the user.

3. Simultaneous engineering

This is a very important feature of TopSolid which allows all co-designers to work on the same design basis simultaneously, which is a significant asset in this time of health crisis.

  • Ability to work with all your colleagues on the same database;
  • Ability to define user rights and permissions;
  • Anyone from anywhere (local or otherwise) can all be connected;
  • Communication made easy with the PDM Messenger;
  • Ability to create life cycle workflows to automate information exchange.

TopSolid CAD/CAM Product Range

4. Modern software technology: open platform

Most of the CAD software available on the market is based on a rather old software technology. TopSolid has been completely redesigned and rewritten, offering you a state of the art software.

Here are a few key points:

  • Use of the latest development technologies (C#, .net);
  • Support for the latest hardware technologies (multi-core technology, rendering engine, etc.);
  • Real-time and incremental updates;
  • High-performance realistic rendering engine (Redway3D);
  • Data exchange with most CAD software available on the market, with these interfaces: Parasolid, AutoCAD (*.dwg, *.dxf), ACIS, IGES, Step, Catia v4, v5, Pro/E, UG, SW, SE, Inventor.

5. TopSolid’Automation

TopSolid’Automation is TopSolid’s API (Application Programming Interface) which allows users to control TopSolid 7 from another program in order to exchange information and/or automate repetitive tasks.

TopSolid’Automation allows significant productivity gains while reducing the risk of errors. The time investment required to master this development tool is therefore undoubtedly well spent.

By allowing communication with other software, TopSolid’Automation is a powerful tool to successfully integrate CAD/CAM applications in your digital process chain and covers a wide range of areas:

  • Data exchange with sales or production management systems;
  • Automation of manufacturing processes for parts and assemblies;
  • Automated data import;
  • Automated generation of drawings;
  • Data exchange with tool management systems.

All these possible uses make TopSolid’Automation a very valuable and reliable tool to optimize industrial processes.

This interface is totally free and included in TopSolid 7. Documentation is integrated into the software to guide you and online training sessions are available for a quick start.

6. Global network and service

France, Europe, Asia, Americas, Oceania, etc. Our customers are everywhere and, thanks to TopSolid, they exchange, develop, collaborate and work together. TopSolid establishes contacts between them.

Our experienced network of 10 subsidiaries and 70 resellers and their teams around the world provide expertise to help you increase your competitiveness in the market.

7.  Ready for Industry 4.0

 TopSolid is more than simply an integrated CAD/CAM software. It is a complete application environment towards the digital transformation of the mechanical industries. It offers solutions for:

– estimation of mechanical parts (TopSolid’PartCosting);

– simulation of CNC machines (digital twin, with TopSolid’CamSimul);

– quality management of parts produced by a machine (TopSolid’Inspection);

 TopSolid has been offering a fully integrated digital chain for years via its CAD/CAM software suite, thus ensuring total interconnectivity from design to production.

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