Whether they are manufacturers or subcontractors, industrialists are constantly seeking to increase the productivity of their manufacturing processes. Producing more, even faster, while meeting quality requirements is the challenge that a high-performance CAD/CAM software such as TopSolid can help you overcome.

Favour an integrated CAD/CAM solution to increase productivity

Since CAD software allow you to “make virtual 3D objects”, why not use them to make real parts as well? CAD/CAM software was the answer to this question, because by definition, CAD/CAM represents the synthesis between design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM).

Anticipate manufacturing from the design phase with a CAD/CAM software

CAD/CAM software is a formidable tool, in an industrial world where reactivity and flexibility are essential factors for success. Indeed, combining modeling and manufacturing in a single software package has many advantages, including:

  • The ability to quickly modify parts to adapt to changing customer needs
  • Facilitate the creation of quotes by integrating all associated costs
  • Virtually simulate the manufacturing of your parts
  • Plan and integrate the superfinishing steps, for a “more sales-ready” surface finish of the part

Reduce preparation time thanks to 3D modelling

Designing parts in 3D model is the best way to optimize the production costs of your parts. Because it allows a part to be viewed clearly from all angles, a 3D CAD model is a way to avoid errors and the use of many time-consuming and expensive prototypes. In a similar way, the 3D model in CAD/CAM software allow you to simulate the manufacturing process before starting production on a real machine. The preparation time is thus reduced, for a significant gain in productivity.

Management of technical data of a product or PDM

PDM is a system for centralizing data from CAD/CAM files. PDM is essential, because without it the files are completely unrelated. Without PDM, every new project starts from scratch, with no possibility to reference other files. If you use the same parts for several projects, it is therefore essential to choose a CAD/CAM software based on a PDM system. The TopSolid 7 software is based on a powerful PDM that will save you precious time as it relates to your projects.

Intelligent stock management

Taking the stock into account is one of the basic tasks of a CNC programmer because the amount of material used affects the cost of the part. Early CAD/CAM programs allowed files to be “manually” checked to avoid estimation errors. This verification step was time-consuming for the programmers. The TopSolid 7 software integrates a more intelligent approach. The stock management feature allows you to eliminate off-material passes without creating additional steps. The software is therefore able to optimize stock management in a completely autonomous way, which saves considerable time. 


TopSolid CAD/CAM Product Range

Use an ergonomic software

Before choosing the right CAD/CAM software solution, make sure it is ergonomic and easy to optimize. Today, the software in the TopSolid range makes its own proposals via the interface. Simplicity that drives productivity gains.

User experience

No matter how powerful a CAD/CAM software is, the efficiency of its use will depend, in part, on its ergonomics and ease of use. TopSolid has been designed on a modern 64-bit architecture, which allows TOPSOLID SAS to offer an intuitive, flexible and user-friendly interface. Workflow management is simplified and the interface uses dialog boxes and panes that you can interact with at your convenience, without stopping the work in progress.

Creating a simplified tool path by using the “drag and drop” technique

In CAD/CAM, creating a tool path is a step that requires a lot of work and a certain mastery on the part of the user. If you want to save time, TopSolid 7 includes a feature that allows you to copy a tool path and apply it to a geometry with a different topology. In addition, this drag-and-drop technique works intelligently. Each tool path is checked against the stock and you can always refuse unwanted operations.

Compatibility with all open formats on the market

Many CAD and CAM software exist, some using proprietary formats. The TopSolid software suite uses the famous Parasolid exact geometric modelling kernel, which is widely used in CAD/CAM. With TopSolid, you can read and write in all open formats on the market, thus guaranteeing the interoperability of your files with the main systems used by your customers and subcontractors.


Rely on a recognized CAD/CAM solution

By purchasing a software whose publisher delivers state-recognized certified training courses, you are choosing the security of a CAD/CAM tool mastered by a wide public. Opting for a software recognized by the business world, on which students are trained is therefore a wise choice.

Favouring a CAD/CAM tool available in schools and training centers

TOPSOLID SAS, formerly known as Missler Software, has been distributing its CAD/CAM solutions to schools since 1984. Generations of toolmakers, mechanics, sheet metal and boilermakers, metalworkers, interior designers, carpenters, technicians and engineers have discovered CAD/CAM software with TOPSOLID SAS. This strong presence is a guarantee of quality and productivity in your manufacturing processes, as the risk of a shortage of trained personnel is thus greatly reduced.

TopSolid certifications for professionals

TOPSOLID SAS offers you 4 category C certifications, recognized by the French state and registered in the CNCP inventory. As an industry professional, obtaining a TopSolid certificate allows you to prove your competence in the use of:

  • TopSolid 7 CAD
  • TopSolid 7 CAM
  • TopSolid’Wood
  • TopSolid’ERP

Why is obtaining a TopSolid certification an asset for the careers of professionals? Quite simply because TopSolid software is used in more than 15,000 companies around the world.


Good CAD/CAM software should be integrated, ergonomic, modern and recognized in your industry. Acquiring such a tool will certainly enable you to increase the productivity of your manufacturing processes.

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