Thibaut, a company that manufactures machine tools, has joined the know-how and the software tool of the publisher TOPSOLID SAS to improve its solutions for stone machining. A newly developed programming assistance software, which is the result of the collaboration between the two companies, allows users to exploit the full potential of the Thibaut machines. A look back at a successful partnership.

Thibaut Group, manufacturer of machine tools since 1959


A family business founded in 1959, the manufacturer of machine tools has been developing progressively, relying on constant innovation to offer users the best solutions for stone machining. A winning bet, as evidenced: in 2020, Thibaut Group has sold more than 7,000 machines in over 70 countries.


A wide area of specialization


Renowned for its reliability, the brand prides itself not only in long experience but also in its extensive specialization. Thibaut designs, manufactures and markets machine tools for surfacing, polishing, cutting, calibrating and milling while working with all types of natural or agglomerated materials (granite, marble, stone, concrete, glass, resin, slate, ceramics, etc.). These machines are aimed at a very wide range of customers, including sectors as diverse as decoration, funeral, as well as architectural concrete. In their catalog to date, “more than thirty different solutions: CNC cutting machines and machining centers, multifunction manual machines, texturing machines, molding machines, milling machines, edge and flat polishers, etc.” says the head of the Design Department, Alain Calas.


The industrial group, which now has a strong international presence, is multiplying its sites – factories, after-sales service, testing, development and training center to meet the growing customer demand. As a backdrop to its expansion efforts, its trademark has remained unchanged: always innovate.


A strong investment in R&D


Attentive to its customers’ needs, Thibaut structures its project teams in such a way as to respond precisely to their rapidly changing needs. To this end, three Design Offices are specifically dedicated to product innovation. The multifunctionality and versatility of the machines is the main objective for the research and development department, in order to be able to support the customers in the diversification of their activities.


Thanks to a significant investment in R&D, Thibaut remains faithful to its innovation policy. By continuing to meet the needs of the most demanding user in an ultra-reactive manner, the group is able to remain the leader in its market.

TopSolid CAD/CAM Product Range

Thibaut develops a CAD/CAM solution in collaboration with TOPSOLID SAS


2020: In order to offer the users high-performance machining solutions which are perfectly adapted to the expected uses, Thibaut calls on TOPSOLID SAS. The newly developed programming assistance software fulfills these objectives: “the user only has to enter the 3D model of the part to be manufactured to obtain the machining strategies adapted to working with the circular saw or polishing machine”.


The right balance between autonomy and support


“Chosen after having tested about ten CAD/CAM publishers, TOPSOLID SAS had both the necessary know-how and the ADS (Application Development System) software platform which allowed us to develop certain simpler features independently. Other complex applications were developed with the assistance of the experts from TOPSOLID SAS.” Alain Calas illustrates here the concrete results of the collaboration: a part of the development was exclusively managed by Thibaut, the other part relied on the expert support of the publisher TOPSOLID SAS.


The application developed on the basis of TopSolid software results in two specific solutions:


  1. A highly automated and fully configurable solution for managing tools and 2D machining processes. Thanks to TopSolid’s ADS software platform, Thibaut was able to develop these new and simpler features completely independently.
  2. A solution adapted to 5-axis machining. The support from TOPSOLID SAS experts was invaluable for these more complex applications.


A win-win partnership, a lasting collaboration


Advantages of using the TopSolid application at Thibaut:


  • autonomy acquired through the use of the ADS (Application Development System) platform;
  • fast and efficient development of machining strategies adapted to the applications of Thibaut machine users;
  • development flexibility provided by an open, ergonomic software equipped with a native PDM (Product Data Management) like TopSolid.


Thibaut is able to offer users of his machines programming assistance adapted to their projects – and a source of profit. For its part, TOPSOLID SAS also benefits from this partnership, by adding a new know-how to its ecosystem and its range of skills. In view of these results, the two partners ensure a fruitful collaboration over the long term. The promise of new and more intelligent software solutions…

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