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TopSolid’Forum updated!

It´s been a long wait but it´s finally over!
As of today the Internatinal TopSolid’Forum is updated to the latest version of phpBB, new TopSolid theme, integration of Taptalk plugin and last but not least new registraion policies! The latter means there is no more “TopSolid Customer Password” needed when registering, it´s now open to all!
Visit TopSolid’Forum here: International TopSolid’Forum
See you all there!

TopSolid, 3Dprinting & restoring old cars

In 1965 the car Chevrolet Impala set an all-time industry annual sales record of more than 1 million units in the U.S.
Nearly 50 years later, Thomas uses modern cad/cam technology to restore his old (1966 model) beauty to it´s former glory.
For those of you reading this blog have seen past blogs about Thomas, Swedish TopSolid guru and his 1966 Impala.
This time he used TopSolid and a Stratasys 3D printer to repair the broken center console.
Check out the full story with pictures on Thomas blog: www.tomme.se

Code of conduct for TopSolid social media

Missler Software just published a Code of conduct for TopSolid social media. While i have published it here it´s also available at the official TopSolid website.


Code of conduct for TopSolid social media

This is the code of conduct for posting comments on any TopSolid blogs, social media (twitter, facebook, etc.) forums, etc. The simple rules of thumb are to keep on-topic and be respectful of others. Our websites and social media are designed to help people learn more about our products and who we are.  Anything that supports this aim is encouraged, provided it does not violate the below terms of use that we’ve put together. We are open to criticism of our products but will not accept the following:

  • Personal attacks (on anyone inside or outside the TopSolid community)
  • Material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images.
  • Unauthorized posting of personal information (names, address, phone number, email etc.) of other users.
  • Material which defames, abuses or threatens others.
  • Statements which are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive.
  • Material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them.
  • Account suspensions are at the sole discretion of Missler Software.
  • Any person actively using these sites is implicitly agreeing to these rules regardless of whether they have been read or not.

Sheet Metal as it was meant to be!

Ok, so there is CAD and there is CAM.  Those of you who have read Jon Banquers blog have already been hammered with the term “Integrated CadCam” and the benefits. And why is Jon going on and on about this stuff? Well, because it kicks ass!

If your like me you send DXF files back and forth between your softwares all day long and when there is a change of design… well, let´s do it all over again.

If your in France then your in luck because then you can benefit from the awesomeness that TopSolid’SheetMetal 2012 offers. And if your outside of France… bad luck, because it´s not available outside of France.

If you want a glimpse of what truly inegrated CadCam for Sheet Metal can be like check out this video:


Weekend reading: “I have a dream!”

It´s not everyday we have a guestblogger here, so therefore it´s with great pleasure i present to you Ulrich Alt.
Representing West GmbH from Germany,
Ulrich Alt has an impressive twenty years experience of working with TopSolid and i guess that qualifies him as a true TopSolid veteran.

So here it is, Ulrich Alt sharing his thoughts and dreams on TopSolid.


Continue reading Weekend reading: “I have a dream!”

The last piece of the puzzle when creating a custom forming tool

A few weeks back i did a video on how to create you own Sheet Metal forming tool in TopSolid 7. And i mentioned that you can (and you most probably want to) easily add your own sketch to represent you brand new forming tool in the unfolding document.
But as some of you pointed out i never explained how. So here´s a short video showing how to import a DXF and use it for representing the forming tool on your unfolded sheet metal part.


TopSolid’Image section added to TopSolid’Forum

I like rendering. In fact i like it alot and so i´m very happy to announce that TopSolid’Image now has a home of it´s own on the international TopSolid Forum.
TopSolid’Image has been around the French forum for some time now so it´s about time the non French speaking community has a place to share knowledge, tips&tricks and discus graphics and rendering techniques in TopSolid.

TopSolid 7.6 preview: “Profile on Profile Deformation”

Ok, so we have seen a bit of the new “Deformation” command already. And as i mentioned before the 7.6 is still in Alpha and while things are under development they are also subject to change. And in this case the new “Deformation” tool got an update called “Profile on Profile deformation” and basically it´s creating a deformation following a profile.

In the video below i modeled a tube which i then applied the deformation to using a spline. Of course it doesn´t have to be a pipe or a spline, the choice is yours.

And by the way, check out the updated Sketch Radius tool!